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This gasket was originally developed by Howley Racing way back in the mid eighties for what was then part of the factory Rover Group racing effort - the Group A Metro Turbo. C-STR1057 Group A Turbo head gasket The engines developed by Howley Racing were giving 220+bhp and 185lb ft running 16.4psi boost - quite a chunk of power in a car little bigger than a Mini! Despite 10" wide sticky slicks, the engine chirped the tyres in each upward gear change. Even more impressive when you consider this was still on it's single 1.75" HIF SU carb! All that was basically done was to take a standard production head gasket (the then all over silver TAM1521 - a great gasket it it's own right) and add a reinforced fire ring by over-lapping the existing one with an extra fold of metal.As a consequence the block needs to be machined to accept this gasket - rendering it useless for any other gasket fitment and any further over-bores (even to 73.5mm) unless a top-hat type liner was used.

Bill Sollis starts the 2005 race season with new colours.

The red lights went out after a short wait and the 2005 season was underway. I held position and went early on the attack,

It seems remarkable, but a winter break of over six months is never enough time to prepare a racing car! The truth is, at long last I've completely refurbished the hall, stairs and landing at home. That concludes a 7 and a half year ...

Frenzied activity in the Bill Sollis Racing Mini Miglia Team...

Over the course of the last two weekends there has been frenzied activity in the Bill Sollis Racing Mini Miglia Team. We have raced three times experiencing the full spectrum of highs and lows in the process!

It started at Croix en Ternois in Northern France which The Mini Se7en Racing Club visited for the first time. We had a double header to look forward to and I always enjoy the challenge....

Bill Sollis - Thruxton race report.

Our Brands Hatch successes were followed by a five week break and with holidays to take what better way to enjoy the first two wins of the season. Thruxton loomed up and the sense of expectation is never greater than when contemplating the mega fast Hampshire circuit. Preparations went beyond the usual full spanner check. We have acquired a cylinder leakage....


Instruction Sheet (Please read in full before installing anti-roll bar)

The mounting blocks are to be fixed at each end of the bar under the front of the subframe where there is a double thickness of metal close to the forward tie-bar brackets. Loosely assemble the blocks to the bar, one positioned between the locating rings - offer the bar up to the lower front edge of the front subframe.

Bill Sollis starts his 23rd racing season at Snetterton.

The build up to the start of the 2006 Mini Miglia season had seen plenty of late night activity in the workshop, but everything looked extremely promising as we loaded up and left for Snetterton on Friday evening.

Installed in the engine bay was an all new 'works' Richard Longman & Co...

Bill Sollis Races in the Mini Miglias at Spa-Francorchamps

Spa-Francorchamps the best race track in the world?

Well there are many Formula 1 driver who would agree and in my humble opinion, it is certainly true. Brands Hatch GP circuit, Suzuka in Japan and Dijon in France come close for me...

Bill Sollis rebuilds his Classic Mini in time for the Silverstone Mini Miglia Ra...

The come down after the Spa weekend was abrupt and for a week I felt little enthusiasm to even determine what had to be done, let alone start doing it! Fortunately my mood lightened, and with a week to go before the Silverstone Championship round I got down to it. Well, to be honest I took the car down to Altered Images on the Sunday afternoon, and Peter Vickers cast his diagnostic eye over the car. The front...

Bill Sollis - Rounds 1 & 2 race reports.

The season has started with such frantic action that the opening two races are done before I’ve found my way back to the office! I am of course defending the title this year which means running the coveted number 1.

Things started really well at Silverstone in April with pole position for round 1. The car was little changed from last year, although...

C-AJJ3360 On-car adjustable bottom arms and C-STR631 race spec bushes By K Calv...

Having put a season and a half of racing on these components I am suitably impressed. The bottom arm design is superb and the finished article extremely well made. The bushes are the icing on the cake.
Accurate suspension set-up is time consuming at the best of times, requiring dogged patience...

26th & 27th June 2010 - Pembrey Race Meeting

Saturday 26th June 2010 (Round 4)

Pole Position :- Sarah Munns.
2. Kane Astin
3. Endaf Owens
4. Paul Thompson
5. Mark Sims
6. Colin Peacock

27.06.10 Thruxton Race report by Keith Calver

Following the Brands Hatch race, all was well with the car. Just as well – I was playing catch-up with grinding heads after my nice new grinder tool holder fell apart, and it took the makers 4 weeks to get it back to me. That and magazine work and an emergency engine build for a customer. I made enough time to give me a full morning on the car before having to load it up. Nothing bad came to light. As the race was the last day of a 4 day 'jolly'....

05.06.10, Brands Hatch race report by Keith Calver

I am not sure why, but I don't really enjoy Brands Hatch. It is a quite technically difficult circuit to set fast lap times on. It is most definitely one of those circuits that 'be slow to go fast' applies to.

You can not hustle or hurry it. I am speaking from the point of view of having to use treaded tyres that don't give a tremendous amount of grip. And probably a circuit where 'loose is fast' applies... but I am still building confidence.

03.04.10, Cadwell Park Race Report by Keith Calver

Getting the car ready for the first race was not quite the last minute flurry of panicked activity it usually is. Largely because the re-fit and re-furb were kept to a minimum following complete strip re-build plans shot to pieces by tradesmen being somewhat hard to pin down to get very necessary domestic work done.

Most importantly the doors and windows in the garage. The special concertina type front doors have been falling slowly decaying over the past few years....

Oulton Park Race Report

The long wait for the start of the 2011 Super Mighty Minis Championship ended when the Oulton Park Paddock came alive with the rumble of Mini engines as the hazy April morning Sun slowly climbed in the sky.

Before qualifying our man, Alex Comis in the number 41 Mini Spares car, was keen to get the new season underway. The big change to the cars this year ...

Donington Park Night Race

The historic Donington Park was revisited for the final rounds of the 2012 Super Mighty Minis Championship. Unlike any other UK sprint Championship, the penultimate round was to be a night race – as if this championship needed further excitement.

The Mini Spares Driver, Alex Comis, was...

Jonathan Lewis - Memories and racing exploits from the past

As I am now a Mini Spares sponsored driver one of the things I have been asked to do is a regular blog about some of my many memories and racing exploits from the past and future involving the classic Mini we all love, so here is my first.

My first blog to the Mini Spares centre is my first love story, don't stop reading just yet !! It's about a classic Mini. It was the end of 1978 when I was a very poor 17 year old racing in the Mini 7 Championship in the 850cc seven class.

Mighty Mini & Super Mighty Mini Race Results

Here are the results for the first Might Mini and Super Mighty Mini race meet of the Year at Castle Combe on 1st April 2013.

Mighty Mini & Super Mighty Mini Race Results

Here are the results for the first Might Mini and Super Mighty Mini race meet of the Year at Castle Combe on 1st April 2013.

Minispares Race Car Contingency program

From 1st July 2013, Minispares will reintroduce our Racers contingency program. In exchange for displaying Minispares stickers on your race car, in your chosen series...
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