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One of the most commonly asked questions we get asked is:
How many of these do I need for my Mini?

In many cases the answer to this question is easy.
But as not all Minis are the same and some Minis have been modified or restored with parts that are not original the answer is much more complicated.

We have made two changes to the website to help you find the right quantity of parts for the job.

1. We have added an "recommended" quantity on the product details page.
"Recommended" means this is how many you may need on your whole Mini.
NOTE: This amount varies on different Minis so you need to check on your Mini to find exactly what quantity it is that you require.
Also some parts are used in multiple places so if you are just working on one area of your car then you may not need the full amount quoted in the "recommended" field.

2. We have shown a quick guide to where these parts appear in the AKM2 Parts Manual.
This is to help you identify where this part is used on different models and to list all the uses this part may have.
Each listing in this quick guide will lead you to the online version of the AKM2 where you can see how the part is used and details about its usage.

warning notice icon : Note "recommended" quantity is a guide only. You do need to refer to your Mini to see find what quantity you need.