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Classic Mechanical Parts Manual 1959-1985 | Transmission and Gearshift
43 Gearbox Casings and Part Numbers
44 Gearbox Transmission
45 A Type Gears
46 B Type 3 Synchro Mesh Gears
47 4 Synchro Gears Up to 1979 with 14MM Nose Mainsha
48 4 Synchro Gears 1979 on with 18MM Nose Mainshaft
49 Final drive ratios and Five Speed Gearbox
50 Differential Assembly
51 Magic Wand / Remote Type Selections & Speedo Driv
52 Rod Change Gear Selectors and Speedo Drive
53 Gear Change Up to 1972 Not Rod Change
54 Rod Change Gear Shift Mechanism
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